About Me


I am Christina Borger and amongst other things, I am a full-day Kindergarten teacher in Cheshire, CT. I currently live in Wallingford, where I have lived my entire life. I was fortunate enough to live in Newport, RI where I attended Salve Regina University. I graduated with a BA in English Communications. I sure do miss living near the smell of sea salt, the sights of the mansions and sounds of life in the little city by the sea.

Without a clear vision of what to do with that English degree from a swanky university, I moved back home aIMG_3364nd began substitute teaching. It was perhaps the best transition back into real life following a college schedule. I set up the days I wanted to work, accepted and declined jobs as they became available and fell in love with being back in the classroom–only this time I was the teacher.

Back to school I went—this time to Quinnipiac University‘s Masters of Arts in Teaching program. Meanwhile, I worked and interned at a local elementary school in town. I grew to love the school community and was saddened to leave when I got hired in Cheshire.



So, you might be wondering what you might find in this blog. There is no one, cookie-cutter answer to that. This will be made up of a menagerie of things from my dabblings as a fashionista-wanna-be to tales of kindergarten to some of life’s crazy adventures–both near and far.

Welcome to my Lifestyle Menagerie!

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