Mindful Mondays

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We all have had some of these wants. They entered our lives at different points or pivotal moments. At the time, it was exactly what we wanted. We stood by it, believed in it, fought for it. And then, as life and luck would have it, the tide changed and that thing—be it a relationship or a job or a way of life—didn’t work out.

Those are the things that we can sit back and reflect on years down the road. But reflect with caution: don’t speak ill of those times too much—because at the time, it was exactly what you wanted.

Make it a great day, or not. The choice is yours!

Mindful Mondays

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I think sometimes we (as a society) get hung up on the bumps in the road and how we may have missed the signs that could have prevented us from stumbling. Think back to a time when you really came down hard on yourself. What was more satisfying: beating yourself up over it or moving further down the road and applying what you learned to avoid making the same error twice?

Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Rather than sitting and sulking about your adversities, think about what you ought to learn and carry on.

Make today a great day, or not. The choice is yours!

Fix #9

Happy April vacation to me! What better way to start off nine days of freedom and relaxation than to get a Spring fix?! I left my fix note to Katherine requesting at least one dressier piece for a school observation and the rest could be geared towards Spring staples.

When my fix arrived, I was surprised to see the thinnest Stitch Fix box I’ve ever received! But that didn’t mean this fix was any less exciting 🙂 Let’s open it up and take a look inside!


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I couldn’t wait to see what Katherine pulled together for me. Right away, I noticed the vibrant spring colors and tore open the tissue paper sealing my neatly folded fix.


Katherine sent a medium weight, stretchy material striped top. I was a little uncertain of this top. I loved the stripes, but was unsure how it would look on me. Some knit tops run smaller and are tighter in certain areas. I loved the bell sleeve on it. It gave the top an added flare (no pun intended). I wasn’t in love with the top on me and decided to put it in the “unsure” pile.


I was so excited to see a pair of white Liverpool pants in my fix! And, being that it is spring, I loved the fact that they were white. After trying them on, I noticed they fit great in the waist, but I did not love the straight fit. For this outfit, I used Katherine’s suggestion and paired the pant with the Wilde Bell Sleeve top she sent and the grey Lucky Brand Emmie Round Toe Ballet Flat from Fix #8. I tend to gravitate more towards a skinny fit or tapered towards the ankle. I was a bit uncomfortable in them because they were looser fitting in the leg. Also, these white pants were total a lint magnet! I think I had them on for a total of five minutes and I picked up all sorts of fabric and lint I didn’t even know was around my room. For these reasons, I decided to return the Liverpool pants.



I loved this piece right out of the box. It had a high-low design and a floral panel on the back that gave it a light and airy feel to the top. It fit perfectly and hugged me at just the right places. I loved how it flowed away from my body and was not clingy. For this outfit, I paired the Le Lis top with my favorite light-wash jean crops from LOFT and a nude pair of Louise et Cie ‘Eilley’ Ballet Flats from my second trunk from Trunk Club! I knew instantly I wanted to keep this top!




I own a couple of blouses by Daniel Rainn and was excited to see this one in my fix. Right out of the gate, I was uncertain of the color. It was a very vibrant royal blue color with flowers all over it. I tried it on with different options to see if it raised my temperature towards this top. Though I did like it, I decided to be choosey with this fix. The arm holes were a tad too big and if at the right angle, one could perhaps see my unmentionables. So, I ultimately decided not to keep the Daniel Rainn blouse.




I was surprised to see a pair of shorts in this fix. After seeing the forecast for the week, I thought there was a good chance that I might even need to break out a pair of shorts. Katherine sent me a very light weight, pale pink linen short. She suggested I pair them with any of the top options she sent.  Though I did like these shorts and they fit fabulously, they were a bit pricier than I would have liked to have spent on a pair of shorts. Costing $78, I figured I could spend that much money on a full pair of pants. I also figured that the LOFT has great sales and I could get two, maybe even three pairs of shorts if I caught a great deal. These, too were on the docket to be returned.

Let’s review Fix #9:

  • Skies are Blue Wilde Bell Knit Sleeve Knit Top $44 (RETURN)
  • Liverpool Camdyn Straight Leg Pant $78 (RETURN)
  • Le Lis Alante 3/4 Woven Back Knit Top $54 (KEEP)
  • Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck Blouse $64 (RETURN)
  • Level 99 Cindie Linen Short $78 (RETURN)

TOTAL: $54

 -$20 (Styling credit)

$37.43 (after tax)

This was my cheapest fix yet! I loved what I kept and I sent back what I was on the fence about. I think there is something to be said about deciding what to keep if you go about it this way. However, I have also been in the struggle of “Well, I love these two pieces and like this one…….it will cost me less to keep all of it than to just keep the pieces I love!”

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Mindful Mondays

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With the close of each weekend, I felt Mindful Mondays would be a gentle way to ease into the week. Our lives are filled with stress, worries, regular happenings and clutter. Everyone should take a moment and do something for him or herself before the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, even if that something is taking a moment to read something and reflect on life for a quiet moment.

Today’s quote I felt was relative to anyone who has lived, even just a little bit. We all carry dents and scratches from the past. But those scratches and dents taught us something about ourselves that we carry with us into the future.

What scratch or dent impacted your life most? What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned because of a scratch you carry with you?

Have a wonderful Monday!

Jammin’ Wednesdays

I was working out at home in my work-in-progress Home Gym when this song came across my Fit Radio. The beat gets me movin’ and groovin’ and wanting to start dancing! It also brings me back to my Salve days when the crew and I would be up in the club, circle dancing, spilling drinks and making flirty eyes through beer goggles with “cute” boys across the dance floor.

Jammin’ Wednesdays

I am feeling Ed Sheeran’s new song, Shape of You. I heard it recently while at Zumba class and the instructor used it towards the end, near the cool down. Its a saucy little number. If you are listening to the words, it sounds like how college elite live on the weekends.

Also, I did not imagine Ed Sheeran to look as he does in his photo background for this song. I imagined him to be taller, thinner, darker, less hair on his head. Oh, well! Its still a great song! Enjoy!